Summer Dress…. Corporate Attire…??
POSTED : June 3rd, 2015 | CATEGORY : Style Advice

Who says Corporate has to boring ill fitted suits….? Don’t we all want to impress and look well put together? It could be the difference between you and another company signing a deal….

Yes, you absolutely can wear your summer, or weekend apparel to the office. Our office wardrobe is sadly not tax refundable, so we absolutely need to find a way to style our weekend wardrobe into our corporate 9-5 lives. More bang for your buck!!

First and foremost – mini skirts are not corporate wear, neither are short shorts and in my opinion wedges! Leave these for weekends only please. As well as thongs…. actually, I’d advise no thongs at all, ever, sorry!!

1. The first and obvious way is to add a blazer. However you can not just choose any old summer dress and blazer, you need to make sure the proportions are right. And especially for the dresses that are free flowing and not fitted, the blazer choice is prime – go for structure blazers that will create shape.

2. Another way to make your floral pants and skirts work are to add a structured shirt. The perfect white shirt is always a staple. Steer clear of sheer fabrics.

3. Shoes. Now this is a tricky one and will depend on the outfit, but steer clear of wedges and thick, bright, strappy shoes. Opt for more sleek and sophisticated styles, neutral in colour.

4. Trench coats. These are not just for to and fro the office now, there are so many great designs that are light weight and are a statement in themselves to be worn all day. Because trench coats are long and can lack structure, make sure your outfit underneath shows some of your shape.

5. Belts. Opt for more of the sleek and slender belts. I would steer clear of embellishments and large buckles.

6. Bags. Always pair with a structured, corporate looking bag, lap top style is great.

7. Turtle necks and stockings. These are a great way to hide any extra skin that is often shown in the summer pieces, and will also make the look appear more ‘grown up’ and serious.

8. Dont be afraid. Create juxtapositions between turtle necks and Broderie Annglaise/lace dresses, stockings with floral dresses, shirts with floaty skirts and pants. And the right cut of a blazer or trench will always go with any look.

Here are some inspiration pics of what you can do:



As always, wear with class, sophistication and most importantly CONFIDENCE – OWN IT!


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