Our Philosophy

Pleased to meet you!

The Two Reasons We Breathe 

Helping people feel more confident in their own skin and be their best self

Celebrating Australian style and proudly promoting Australian fashion, boutiques, products and all things style.

Style not fashion

Style is not about perfection. It is about owning your own sense of style regardless of age, size or ‘trouble spots’. It is about the know-how to achieve style and then determining what will define your style. Style is timeless and tells a story about who you are.

We are real people

Many people fear going to stylist. We hear you!

Rest easy as we are a team of real (normal) people who come in all shapes, sizes and ages. We have had babies, gained weight, lost weight, been ill, lost hair through chemo, have wrinkles, have bits we don’t like, been corporate high flyers, at home Mums…you name it.  The team has been carefully selected and all of us are genuine, approachable, honest with our opinions and know our stuff. No snobs welcome here!

More than one name

Unlike other styling businesses, this is not just one stylist’s name on the door but rather a team where you get to choose which stylist might work best for you plus we can handle larger corporate or special experiences such as hens events if you need more than one of us. Just say the word and we will be at your side…


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