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Micro Trend – Neckerchiefs
POSTED : February 12th, 2016 | CATEGORY : Inspiration


An emerging micro trend, Neckerchiefs, observed on the catwalks and street. The buzz started back in September when designers across the globe rallied behind the forgotten accessory. Saint Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger channeled 70s groupies with long, thin, knotted scarves, while Emillo Pucci’s Spring Ready To Wear show, used tie-dyed bandanas worn as chokers. Neckerchiefs have also been seen by bloggers like Aimee Song (, Sara Donaldson (@harperandharley). This trend is now but has been around for a while for those of us who can remember… Joan Jett wore one on the album cover of for I Love Rock n’ Roll in 1981.


Joan Jett

An easy cost effective way to add a sense of style and bring an outfit to life. It demonstrates style without trying too hard. Whilst many are tending to wear these cute bandanas on their necks, you don’t have to. You can also tie it to your bag, around your waist, around a ponytail or hair bun, or your wrist. Silk bandanas work best as they are naturally soft and malleable.  This trend offers understated use of colour and pattern that gives you a little bit of intrigue. Vintage scarves are ideal. Look for thin shorter length scarves as you will have too much fabric to pull it off otherwise. Remember, there is no wrong way to wear this trend, just have a little fun.



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