Hip Neighbourhoods Discovery Experiences

Do you want to learn more about where the best kept secret stylish shops are in a local area? Discover Sydney’s best kept style secrets and shopping areas. We offer premium, stylish and unique insider-led shopping experiences tailored to certain local areas. Led by industry insiders, every experience is uniquely curated to reflect the personality of the area and to allow you to discover stores that you may not have found on your own. Whether it’s Surry Hills, Paddington, Balmain, Newton, Sydney City or Mosman that takes your fancy, you’ll discover some of Sydney’s best boutiques only known to the locals, understand the local history, gain insider knowledge on what makes this area unique and get to know the local vibe. Experiences included: Local Neighbourhoods – Paddington/Woollahra, Surry Hills, Balmain, Sydney City Sydney Walk of Style Homewares and Design Australian Designers Best Kept Sydney Secrets