About Chic


Sydney Style Shopping Experiences, Luxury Tailored Styling Experiences & Stylish gift store

CHIC is about all things Australian style. We are a dedicated team of style aficionados. We are approachable, knowledgeable and know Sydney like the ‘back of our hand’. We are used to working with real people of all shapes and sizes with varying budgets. We strive to help you be your best self.  

We are the only Sydney based style shopping experience company that allows you to discover local neighbourhoods as you shop. We are locals who know the inside best kept secrets of where to go. We strive to find unique and interesting stores with a story and local flavour.

Established for over five years, CHIC passionately believes in sharing and celebrating all things Australian style from local designers, Sydney boutiques or Australian made products that exude style. We can tailor any of our experiences to suit you, just drop us an email at fleur@chicstyle.com.au.

Our tailored hip-neighbourhood style experiences are all about finding the best Australian boutiques in Sydney and discovering the inside track of a hip neighbourhood. Perfect for those new to town or just visiting and want to learn about style and where to shop.

The Style and Luxury Style Experiences focus on helping individuals achieve their own personal style. 

And the Style Shop has the perfect stylish unique style hampers for those seeking a way to fast track their style or wanting to give that perfect gift. We try very hard to source locally Australian made products wherever possible.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery today or discover the best Sydney has to offer in shopping…

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