90s Are Back Baby…. Our favourite 90s trends to try
POSTED : May 27th, 2015 | CATEGORY : Inspiration

Yes, its true!! We are re-visting the 90s….., this time in a much more chic way. Every time we re-visit a trend we do it better right?! There are so many trends from this decade being re-visted, these are just some of our faves.

As always, if your going to try a trend – OWN IT!



1. Tartan

You can go with the grunge version, a la Kurt Cobain, a ‘flanno’ tied around your waist with some ripped jeans, or opt for a more luxurious take with woollen coats, skirts, dresses. This favourite has been re-worked in every style imaginable, and can be such a chic look whether it be the rocker style or the grown up version! Do with it as you please, suits everyone this trend. Such a striking print, it will draw attention, so as always, place in flattering areas.


2. Tie It!

Yep, once again it is cool to tie your shirt around your waist, flannel shirts and denim shirts are best for this. Goes great with denim jeans or leather pants for that true rock style ‘I don’t care’ approach!


3. Bandana’s

So yes, by all means give the old style a try by tying your bandana around your neck, however my favourite way to use the bandana now is either wrapped around your neck, chocker style, tied in your hair for the boho look, or draped as a scarf hanging over your shoulders and around your neck. You could even try wrapping it around your wrist…


4. Chockers

Much more grown up now is the chocker, chunky or fine, however it be, make sure it is quality! And first and foremost my pet hate is when a chocker is so tight you can see the skin bulging either side, this will just make your neck look as thick as a rugby players. The chocker should ever so gently and loosely hang around your neck, at the most slimming part – which is usually just above your collar bones!


5. Denim Jackets

The trusty DJ is back. Boyfriend style will be a big trend, however these are best left to the delicate frames. There are some fab, and flattering, military options, fringed, frayed, cropped, embellished, embroidered, the shirt… so many options. Don’t be afraid of the DD, double denim can look oh so cool.


6. Stripes

Ok, so these probably didn’t start in the 90s, and definitely wont end in the 2000s, however I feel we can claim that Kurt Cobain gave some power to the stripes and tartan look, so I’m going to roll with it! A big trend come spring summer. Always ever so cool the stripe – again, placement is key to not looking larger than you are!!


7. Stonewash

For me, stonewash never goes out of fashion, it just has varying degrees of how stonewashed something is! Right now, you can go for it!!


8. Doc Marten Boots and Birkenstocks

These have been a trend for a while now, none the less, fab!! Not for everyone though, very chunky styles, so be sure you can pull that look off.


9. Floral dress, skater shoe

I feel this look will be all around us come spring/summer. And so it should be. But dont shy away from it in the colder months, add some black sheer stockings and a boyfriend style knit cardigan and there you go… 90s all the way! Love this.


10. Matching sets and the Crop top

Again, two trends that have been around for a while now, but absolutely deserve a mention as some of my favourite looks to add to your wardrobe. The matching set is ever so chic. The crop top can be chic, but make sure you wear it tastefully. Unless your in your teens or early 20s, I don’t really want to see your tummy hanging, a slight slither of skin is just fine, remember leaving something to the imagination is more often sexier than laying it all out there!!


11. Overalls and high waisted jeans

Had to add these last babes, although they have been around a while, they are still very relevant. The overall  has now gone the full length, love or loathe, not just a mini trend, this look is everywhere! And the super skinny jean, once the only style to wear, has now made way for the more relaxed slim, but straight leg and high waist style, cropped at the ankle works best for these high waister babies, best to leave a little skin out, showing the ankle is subtly sliming.


12. The burgundy lip

My last tip is the burgundy lip! So striking and beautiful on so many different complexions, find your right colour, and most importantly wear with confidence, own it!!!

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